Integrity policy

Tradee Watches Integrity Policy

Transparency - Integrity - Honesty - Respect

- I undertake not to create or use any additional Profile (s), other than the Profile I originally created, whether under my own identity or that of a third party.

- I undertake not to complete my profile with coordinates or information fanciful, fictitious and / or erroneous.

- I certify to be the owner or the owner of the Watches I publish on the Tradee Watches Platform, and that their publications on the Platform do not infringe the rights of third parties, whatever they may be.

- I make a precise description in good faith of the Watch (s) that I publish. I indicate if necessary changes, repairs, generally any changes that may have occurred on the Watches or Watches that I publish.

- I undertake not to provide other Members with misleading or erroneous photos or information.

- I undertake not to post as a photo of Profile a photo that may be considered an erotic or pornographic photograph, contrary to morality or public order.

- I answer questions that other Members ask me.

- I favor my transactions via the Tradee Watches Platform to offer the best security. I am aware that transactions offered outside the secure platform are risky.

- I agree to lend myself to the identity checks proposed by the Tradee Watches Platform prior to any transaction, purchase, sale or exchange.

- I undertake to put myself in order with the tax authorities.
In accordance with Article 87 of the Finance Act for 2016, we remind you that you may be liable to income tax for your activity on our site and more generally to the completion of any customs formalities during an import or an export.

- I undertake to report to Tradee Watches any suspicious behavior or object that I have knowledge of while browsing the Tradee Watches Platform.

- I undertake not to publish on the Traded Platform any document containing a virus, or any program or computer file likely to disrupt the normal operation of the Tradee Watches Platform and / or Services.

Tradee Watches reserves the right to suspend and / or remove any Profile of a Member that may be defamatory, harmful, threatening, vulgar, obscene, hateful, discriminatory or otherwise objectionable.

In addition, Tradee Watches reserves the right to refuse the registration of a Member whose Profile has previously been deleted from the Tradee Watches Platform, without any possibility of incurring liability in any way whatsoever.

A Member having acted contrary to the provisions of this Charter can not claim any right to compensation against Tradee Watches.