Constellation 65W5D8

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Oméga Quartz en bon état de 1989. Le bracelet de la montre est en cuir. Montre raffinée et élégante.


Included: the Watch Certificate™

With the watch, you receive a document proving its authenticity. This document is created by a professional watchmaker with the watch in his hands in a workshop and validated by an independent expert. It is a real "registration card" of the watch.

A brushed steel card

This durable certificate takes the form of a metal card, valid for life. It allows you to access your watch history at a glance, at any time.

Over 40 checkpoints

Serial number, movement photos... in total more than 40 points are verified. This document cannot be forged, and it can be transferred in the event of the reselling of the watch.

Protection against theft and counterfeiting

This digital copy keeps the serial number safe for life. Indispensable during a declaration of theft, the Watch Certificate™ stands as an official paper, attesting to the existence and the value of the watch. ->

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